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For over four decades, clients have been turning to Wilson Ihrig for conducting complex and unusual measurements.  Our comprehensive measurement and analysis capabilities and our reputation for accurate, thorough, and efficient measurement and analysis of all types of noise and vibration phenomena differentiateWilson Ihrig from most other acoustical consulting firms.

To accomplish the special measurements required for unusual projects, we design and fabricate state-of-the-art devices such as high quality portable amplifiers and preamplifiers optimized for field use.  The capability to conceive, fabricate and apply innovative apparatus and instrumentation enables us to respond to unusual test and measurement requirements for which standard equipment is unsuitable or unavailable.

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In addition to our world-renowned laboratory equipped with microphones, accelerometers, signal conditioning instrumentation, amplifiers, and recording systems, our fabricated specialty instrumentation includes:
  • Pneumatic force-calibrated 40 lb hammer
  • Tri-axial downhole vibration measurement sond
  • Pavement core acoustic impedance test rig
  • Rail fastener dynamic stiffness test rig
  • Low noise, high gain, portable, multichannel voltage amplifiers
Special projects have included measuring:
  • Rail strain over tire-derived aggregate
  • Damping rate of transit vehicle truck while hunting
  • Rail deflection under transient, dynamic loading
  • Subway portal pressure transients
  • Vibration propagation rates over several thousand feet
  • Vibration of underwater canal lock hinges

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