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Sound Transit Lynnwood Link Extention

Seattle, Washington

Noise, vibration, and groundborne noise discipline task manager for final design of complex new 8.5-mile light rail extension through four communities.

VTA BART Silicon Valley Extension

Santa Clara County, California

Noise and vibration for Tunnel and Line segments, EIR/EIS, prediction of airborne noise impacts from train operations, and evaluation of groundborne noise and vibration.

Valley Metro Siemens Light Rail Vehicle Testing

Phoenix, Arizona

Developed a noise and vibration test plan per Valley Metro test specification. Conducted wayside and interior noise and vibration measurements as part of the commissioning process.

WMATA Green Line Groundborne Noise Study

Washington, DC

Collecting ground-borne noise and vibration data during normal operations in response to homeowner complaints. Measuring rail roughness in the tunnel along sections of the track corresponding to those homes.

Queensland Rail


Review of wheel/rail noise control procedures on narrow and standard gauge tracks, as well as assessment of wheel squeal, rail fastener stiffness, and wheel/rail contact conditions.

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Project types include:
  • Environmental impact studies

  • Noise and vibration measurement

  • Alternatives analyses

  • Track vibration isolation

  • Transit vehicle interior noise

  • Transit vehicle ride quality

  • Station acoustics

  • FRA Quiet Zone studies

  • Aerial structures and tunnels

  • Grade separations

  • Yards and maintenance facilities

  • Construction noise and vibration monitoring

  • Noise barrier design

Noise and vibration studies include:
  • Heavy rail

  • Light rail

  • Commuter rail

  • High speed rail

  • Railroads

  • Intermodal facilities

  • Automated people movers

  • Bus rapid transit

  • Streetcar