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Highly Objectionable Plumbing and Mechanical Noise

Determine acceptability of plumbing and mechanical noise in condominium unit.


Excessive Street Noise Inside Condominium Due to Defective Windows

Excessive interior noise from exterior sources due to defective windows.


Pedestrian Killed by Construction Equipment

Analysis to determine audibility of construction equipment back-up alarm in matter involving the death of pedestrian in urban construction site.

Hearing Loss

Industrial Worker Claim

Noise measurements in noisy work environment to determine propensity for hearing loss by workers. Deposition and trial testimony.


Excessive Impact Noise Transmission Due to Defective Floor/Ceiling

Matter involving noise transmission from upper unit to lower unit through defective floor/ceiling assembly.


Train Struck Car at Grade Crossing When Driver Failed to Hear Train Horn

Audibility study to determine when driver of vehicle should have heard train horn at blind intersection. Matter settled.


Code 3 Ambulance Collision at Blind Intersection

Audibility study to determine when driver of vehicle should have heard siren. Deposition and trial testimony.

Sale Rescission

Hardwood flooring installation case.

Buyer sued developer/seller for noise issues as condo advertised as “soundproof”. Deposition and trial testimony.

Tenant Issues

Landlord Failed to Provide Quiet Enjoyment

Tenant made claim against landlord for failing to control noise by another tenant. Deposition and trial testimony

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Pablo Daroux
Pablo Daroux
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Derek Watry

Our expertise is called upon to:
  • Provide expert witness analysis and testimony

  • Document noise and vibration levels

  • Assess hearing damage risk

  • Conduct audibility studies for accident investigations

  • Conduct sound demonstrations

  • Determine the causes of inappropriate building acoustics

Acoustical questions or issues that often arise as part of a litigated conflict:
  • What was the level of noise or vibration?

  • What could be heard?

  • Are the noise levels sufficient to cause hearing loss?

  • Are the sound or vibration levels appropriate for a specific environment?

  • Do the noise and vibration levels comply with appropriate standards
    or regulations?

  • What does the noise actually sound like at a particular distance?

  • Is the poor acoustic isolation due to a design defect or a construction defect?