Significant cost savings can be achieved by integrating an APM system into a building structure, thereby eliminating a separate support structure for the APM guideway.  APMs at major airports are a prime example.  However, this can lead to increased noise and vibration within the building and on the APM platforms. WIA has the expertise and experience to isolate these systems, so the cost savings without adverse side effects can be realized.

WIA uses sophisticated computer modeling and techniques that we pioneered for assessing transit system vibration, coupled with field measurements, to provide precise, accurate analyses that are firmly grounded in reality.

Our services include:

  • noise and vibration analyses
  • control of environmental noise and vibration impacts
  • acoustical design reviews
  • recommending interior noise control designs for APM vehicles
  • finite element analysis of vibration and structure-borne noise generated
    by APMs

See also our Structural Vibration services.