Clark Center at Stanford University

Palo Alto

Evaluated proposed building for existing, ambient ground vibration. Conducted FEA studies of floor structures to optimize the structural system design to meet vibration criteria.

Hawthorne Folsom Place Redevelopment

San Francisco

Mechanical equipment noise and vibration control for redevelopment of existing office buildings. Predicted structureborne noise from rooftop mechanical equipment using FEA.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

New York City

Evaluated groundborne noise and vibration impacts due to construction and operation of the Second Avenue Subway, and its possible effect on a new building at the Cancer Center.

Toshiba Semiconductor Fabrication Facility

Sunnyvale, CA

Vibration control provisions for retrofit of an existing building, which included measurement of roof-to-floor transfer functions for air handler vibration prediction.

UCSF Sandler Neuroscience Center

San Francisco, CA

Noise/vibration services for 5-story, LEED Gold research facility. Base building structural evaluation of floor for transient vibration due to internal/external sources.

Nikon Precision Headquarters

Fremont, CA

Vibration control for sensitive high-tech equipment. Recommendations for HVAC vibration control and vertical hood vibration control, and foundation pier supports for floor slab.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Clark Building

Palo Alto, CA

Noise and vibration control for MRI and ophthalmology clinics, mechanical noise and vibration control for radiology lab and clinics, and measurement of ground vibration from trains.

Stanford Hospital Cardiac MRI, Palo Alto

Site assessment and design of a vibration isolated base for a new 3-Tesla MRI. Assessment of ground vibration, and sources of vibration from trains and mechanical equipment.