Stanford Steam Plant

Reduction of noise from treatment plant emergency generators.

Noise control for new steam plant facility next to Stanford Hospital. Recommendations included absorption within the enclosure and acoustical louvers.

U.S. Pipe and Foundry Plant

Union City, California

Noise measurements at three locations within plant and recommendations for mitigation to satisfy OSHA requests.

Calpine Geothermal Plant

Concord / Pleasant Hill, California

Provide noise mitigation design input for standby generators to be located at pumping stations.

SCVWD Penitencia Water Treatment Plant

San Jose, California

Noise and vibration impacts related to operation and construction of additional water treatment facilities, including truck vibration and soil compaction.

TE Connectivity Noise Permit

Menlo Park, California

Conduct annual noise survey to demonstrate compliance with local noise limits. When necessary, make recommendations to reduce equipment noise levels.

Chevron Modernization Plant

Richmond, California

Recommended treatments for controlling employee noise exposure at a gasoline refinery unit.

U.S Borax Mine and Refinery

Boron, California

Developed a machinery noise control program for hearing conservation program. Measurement and modeling allowed for noise control solutions.