Alaskan Way / SR-99 Bored Tunnel Alternative

Seattle, Washington Vibration monitoring and mitigation plan for tunnel boring machine (TBM) mining, soil improvement activities, and construction of tunnel portals for replacement of existing viaduct section.

MacArthur BART Transit Village

Oakland, California Noise and vibration monitoring of demolition and construction of transit village development to adjacent Medical Center and residential buildings.

Moscone Expansion Phase III

San Francisco, California Monitoring of noise and vibration during construction. Documenting pre-construction noise and vibration levels. Real-time data monitoring and warnings.

Geary Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

San Francisco, California Noise and vibration monitoring during course of project the created a bus-only lanes and accessible bus stops along the Geary Street corridor.

SEPTA Elevated Structure

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Performed vibration monitoring during construction demolition. Assessed potential for cosmetic and structural damage to nearby residential buildings.

Carroll Gardens/Gowanus Canal

Brooklyn, New York Evaluated potential noise and vibration from remediation work on industrial land. Performed studies to assess propagation to nearby residences and rail structure.

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