“Deborah’s professionalism is consistent and runs very deep. In-person communications and detailed written reports have scientific credibility and educational value. She works at a level of expertise, with clients and the public, that is demonstrably transparent, ethically thorough, and of practical application to individuals lacking a background in the field of acoustics. One acquires new perspectives (and new ears) working with Deborah.”

Mark Hofflund, Managing Director, Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Deborah Jue, Principal

Since joining Wilson Ihrig in 1990, Deborah has worked on a wide range of acoustics projects including architectural and room acoustics design to community and environmental noise. Much of her project work involves noise and vibration from rail transit and construction, and she has had several projects involving hydroacoustics and impacts on aquatic species. She has evaluated residential and commercial buildings for compliance with the requirements of the California Building Code, LEED, and Federal noise criteria. Deborah’s experience also includes modeling and analysis with SoundPLAN, CadnaA, and the FHWA Traffic Noise Model (TNM). She has prepared many technical noise studies and noise sections for EIRs and EISs according to NEPA and CEQA, and has provided expert witness testimony.


M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
B.S. Engineering: Acoustics, Stanford University

Why I Work at Wilson Ihrig

“I came to Wilson Ihrig to explore a career in acoustical consulting, and I’ve stayed here to benefit from and participate in the wonderful company culture. We all share the passion to control noise and vibration in our communities as they grow and develop. I truly appreciate that we can focus our lens on issues that are local and international, specialized and multi-disciplinary. I’m looking forward to another couple of decades of growth and learning with Wilson Ihrig.”