After 33 years, our friend and Senior Lab Technician George Smith has retired. Since 1984, George built, maintained, and shipped equipment; participated in field work around the U. S., Greece, and Brazil; and did a million things to help keep Wilson Ihrig running. We wish him all the best. He will be missed.
Look For Us Here:

May 7-11, in Minneapolis, MN at the ASA Bi-Annual Meeting.
James Phillips and James Nelson are attending.

May 16-18, in San Diego, CA at the WTS Annual Conference.
Deborah Jue, Leisa Nalls, and Hildegard Dodd will be attending.

June 10-13, in Denver, CO at the APTA Rail Conference.
Tim Johnson, Thomas Bergen, and Derek Watry will be attending.

June 24-27, in Washington, DC at the ADC40 Noise & Vibration Meeting,
Thomas Bergen, Taylor Hayes, Ani Toncheva, and Patrick Faner will be attending.

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