Richard Carman, PhD, Senior Principal Emeritus

After over 40 years of professional experience (35 of them with Wilson Ihrig), Dr. Carman scaled back his schedule and is now working with us on an as-needed consulting basis, and is available to work on projects that require his expertise and experience. Such project work might include architectural and building acoustics, speech intelligibility studies for public address systems, evaluation of vibration sensitive facilities and research laboratories, measurement of infrasound from large wind turbines, and all aspects of rail transportation noise and vibration. In his extensive work history, he has served as the noise and vibration project manager on numerous rail transit and high speed rail projects in the United States and abroad in both the environmental assessment (EIR/EIS) and the engineering phases of projects. He has presented numerous technical papers at conferences throughout the world, and is the author of Chapter 9 – Acoustics and Vibration in “Building Types for Transit Facilities.” He was the Principal Investigator for the NCHRP 25-25 research project (Current Practices to Address Construction Vibration and Potential Effects to Historic Buildings Adjacent to Transportation Projects) and the ACRP 07-14 research project (Guidelines for Improving Intelligibility of Airport Terminal Public Address Systems).


Ph.D., M.S., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley