Joshua Beth, Accounting Manager

Before arriving at Wilson Ihrig in 2010, Joshua’s non-linear career path included positions as health educator, non-profit program coordinator, middle school Spanish teacher, writer/editor, massage therapist, social justice organizer, and Operations Manager for a construction company. Her meticulous eye for detail serves Wilson Ihrig well in the management of complex government billing requirements. She holds a B.A. in Community Studies from UCSC, and a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University.

Why I Work at Wilson Ihrig

“There is such a wealth of knowledge and experience in this group. I especially enjoy our lunchtime seminars, where I’ve learned about rail noise, rubber pad manufacturing, floating slabs, audibility of different frequencies, building isolation, and the history of soundproofing concert halls. As a non-engineer, I enjoy working with such a brainy group of people. My favorite accomplishments at Wilson Ihrig to date have been recruiting for and co-creating a summer internship program for a promising East Oakland recent high school graduate, as well as organizing a winter coat drive.”