We provide solutions for minimizing vibration transmission through building structures into spaces with sensitive equipment installations. Our experience ranges from controlling floor vibration due to footfalls, to designing low-vibration environments for microelectronics and biopharmaceutical facilities. We perform a wide array of vibration measurements, including the determination of vibration transmission through soils and building structures, and the measurement and analytical tools to determine the response of building structures to site ambient and internal vibration excitation. We use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to predict and control floor vibration levels.

Our services include:
  • Evaluating existing floor vibration levels
  • Evaluating potential building sites for new facilities
  • Establishing vibration criteria
  • Designing foundations and structures for low vibration response
  • Controlling of exterior noise
  • Isolating mechanical equipment vibration
  • Controlling mechanical equipment noise
  • Monitoring vibration and noise
  • Gym floor impact control

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Our structural vibration experts work directly with industrial concerns, universities, and architects and engineers contracted to microelectronics, medical or biological research industries, and are an active participant in all stages of the design process from programming to construction document review.

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