Identifying and ranking noisy equipment can be difficult. We offer more than standard techniques for the diagnostic measurement, evaluation, and control of industrial noise and vibration. We use acoustic intensity, signal enhancement, highly directional parabolic microphones, battery-powered instrumentation for measurements in hard-to-reach areas, and FM electronics for the recording of infrasonic noises.

We have the experience and resources to:
  • Assess community noise issues
  • Make presentations at public hearings
  • Evaluate potential noise impacts from new equipment
  • Assist in layout of plants and design of facilities
  • Recommend noise control methods
  • Identify and rank noisy equipment and propagation paths
  • Develop equipment noise specifications
  • Develop equipment noise specifications
  • Measure and assess employee exposure
  • Conduct noise surveys to identify loud areas
  • Assess hearing damage risk
  • Aid in developing procedures compatible with OSHA and CAL/OSHA requirements

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With such diverse experience that includes noise and vibration control treatments for refineries, process plants, manufacturing plants, quarries, mines, ships, gun testing facilities, and transportation systems, our experienced consultants can pull from a wealth of surveys and measurements for similar project types.

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