We have contributed to highway and roadway projects ranging from road widenings to interchange modifications to freeway construction or reconstruction. Services include modeling and assessing the vehicle noise impacts, sound abatement design and audio sound simulations. We have provided technical expertise directly to Caltrans and other transportation agencies across California and the United States, and work as a subconsultant to engineering and environmental firms on their highway projects.

Our services include:
  • Evaluating existing noise impact along highways
  • Predicting highway noise using: Federal Highway Administration Traffic Noise Model (FHWA TNM), Caltrans Noise Prediction Model (SOUND32/SOUND2000)
  • Detailed community noise surveys
  • Determining compliance with the procedures and criteria outlined in the Federal Highway Administration Policy and Guidance Manual
  • Designing sound walls in conformance with Chapter 1100 of Caltrans Highway Design Manual, following the Traffic Noise Analysis Protocols (TNAP) established by the Technical Noise Supplements (TeNS)
  • Recommendations for mitigation measures which extend beyond sound barrier walls for projects where right-of-way mitigation must be complemented by retrofitting adjoining structures

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When you work with us on your new or existing highway project, you tap into our extensive knowledge of FHWA’s Traffic Noise Model (TNM), Caltrans’ Noise Prediction Model (Sound32/Sound 2000) to develop recommendations for the environmental mitigation of road noise.

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