The ringing of piles and the rumble of earthmoving equipment may represent growth and progress, but they can also create a loud and distracting environment for the people and buildings that surround it, as well as create an environment ripe for a legal action. While respecting the need for construction projects to move forward on schedule, we work with developers, contractors, and other public and private sector clients to resolve noise and vibration issues.

We have the experience and resources to:
  • Act as a knowledgeable envoy between the project and affected neighbors to seek non-standard solutions
  • Establish reasonable and acceptable noise and vibration limits
  • Predict noise and vibration caused by construction equipment or building demolition
  • Employ noise control measures most effectively
  • Find lower impact construction methods
  • Monitor noise, underwater noise, and/or vibration to substantiate compliance with established limits
  • Create court-ready records of noise and vibration levels
  • Make public presentations

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We have extensive experience developing construction noise and vibration criteria to address vibration damage potential to nearby buildings and sensitive structures, as well as measure possible vibration annoyance or disruption for occupants of nearby buildings.

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