Computer models of future traffic/lane alignment, identification of noise sensitive receivers (including a nearby elementary school), as well as potential construction noise.

1-880 North Safety Improvements

, CA

Long-term noise surveys, noise modeling of existing roadway/proposed alternatives, traffic noise impacts on residences, and effectiveness of existing topography and noise barriers.

SR 84 Expressway

Livermore, CA

Groundborne vibration analysis and measurements during reconstruction. Measurements were made of the existing vibration levels near historic buildings adjacent to the project.

Doyle Drive Reconstruction

Presidio, San Francisco

Sound measurements, traffic noise modeling and analysis to determine the need for a westward extension of the existing sound wall.

Sister Cities Blvd. Noise Study

South San Francisco

Vibration study of potential construction and operation impacts between I-880 and Route 238.

I-880 to Mission Blvd. East-West Connector

Fremont, CA

Noise measurements, traffic counts and SoundPlan™ noise model to determine construction noise levels. Compared levels with project criteria and developed funding priorities.

Crow Canyon Road Sound Wall

Danville, CA

Assisted with noise survey coordination and report preparation for a study of traffic noise along between SR13 and I-580 and determined potential sound wall locations.

SR 24 Caldecott Tunnel Construction

Oakland, CA

Noise impact alternatives analysis including noise survey and computer modeling with Caltrans SOUND32 Noise Prediction Model. Evaluation and analysis of Caltrans EA/FONSI.

Embarcadero Central Freeway Reconstruction

San Francisco

For BART Dublin-Pleasanton extension: identified BART and highway noise impacts using Caltrans criteria. Designed sound wall using SOUND32 Noise Prediction Model.

I-238 Reconstruction Noise Study

San Lorenzo, CA

Environmental noise study for highway noise predictions using the Caltrans SOUND32 with TrafficNoiseCAD7. Recommended sound wall designs to comply with Caltrans guidelines.

SR 92/I-880 Interchange DEIS/DEIR

Hayward, CA

Noise measurements and identification of noise impacts using Caltrans criteria. Design of 8,600 feet of sound wall using SOUND32 Noise Prediction Model interfaced to a digitizer.

SR 242 Noise Impact Evaluation

Concord, CA

Preliminary engineering design review, including independent analysis of bus noise and soundwall design. Also reviewed the EIR/EIS analyses.

San Fernando Valley BRT

Los Angeles