Terri Taylor, Lab Technician

After recently graduating with an AS in Electronic Systems Technology, Terri joined us as an Lab Technician to fill the shoes of George Smith, who retired after over 33 years of commitment and service to the firm. Her duties at Wilson Ihrig include maintaining, preparing, and building lab equipment; participating in field work that involves taking sound and vibration measurements; and a wide variety of tasks to support our consulting team. An avid athlete, she doesn’t mind the physical aspects of her role at the firm, even if it means getting a little dirty out in the field. Terri is energetic, motivated, and is a great, new addition to the firm.


A.S., Electronic Systems Technology, Chabot College

Why I Work at Wilson Ihrig

“I absolutely love that my work days are filled with various assignments and different challenging tasks. Whether I’m sitting at the lab bench soldering wires together or out in the field, I am enjoying the many activities that I participate in to help Wilson Ihrig. My amazing coworkers, and inviting work environment, allow me to grow and develop my skills, and I look forward to all the new and exciting things I have to learn!”