“I turn to James and Wilson Ihrig every time we need expertise in vibration control on one of our performing arts projects. Our completed projects demonstrate the accuracy of his noise predictions and effectiveness of his vibration mitigation approaches. I’ve watched James clearly explain the science and rationale behind his advice to clients who are concerned about quality results, as well as developers who are concerned about any related costs. In all cases, I’ve found James to be resourceful, open-minded and professional.”
Damian Doria, Stages Consultants, LLC

James Phillips, FASA, Principal

James has 19 years of experience on a variety of projects that have involved the acoustical design of interior spaces; HVAC system noise measurement, assessment, and mitigation; and transit system noise and vibration assessment. He has developed techniques for assessing floor vibration in buildings resulting from human activities and from traffic and transit systems [with a specialty in airport Automated People Movers (APMs)], and has been involved in the design and verification of building vibration mitigation techniques incorporated into structural designs. His work has included the prediction of noise and vibration levels in structural-acoustic systems using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA).


M.S. Acoustics, The Pennsylvania State University
B.S. Aerospace Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

Why I Work at Wilson Ihrig

“Wilson Ihrig maintains a supportive environment which has allowed me to balance life and work and to forge a career path guided by my interests. There is a tremendous knowledge base here, from which I am constantly learning. Some time ago, I decided to only work with people who are smarter than me, and Wilson Ihrig fits the bill. I appreciate the company’s support of my participation in professional societies through which I have received acknowledgement and appreciation from my peers outside the company.”