Founded in 1966, Wilson Ihrig is a noise, vibration and acoustical consulting firm with offices in California, Washington and New York. We currently employ a staff of 25, which includes a team of highly-trained and experienced professional specialists in acoustics and vibration. We are certified as Federal and State Small Business Enterprise (SBE).

We have experience on thousands of projects, earning us an international reputation for excellence in design, practicality, and sensitivity to clients’ needs. Consulting service areas include: transit / transportation noise & vibration, mechanical equipment noise & vibration, structure-borne noise & vibration, architectural acoustics, and industrial noise. Environmental services include: evaluation of noise and vibration impacts on communities; and writing the noise and vibration sections of Environmental Impact Reports and Statements (EIR/EIS). Our staff maintains the highest professional standards and keeps abreast of new technological developments, governmental codes and regulations, and new applications of proven technologies.

We are equipped to perform all types of acoustical and vibration measurements, including narrow band spectrum and octave/third octave analyses, digital processing of noise and vibration data, transfer function and mobility testing, mechanical impedance testing, statistical analysis, extended noise surveys. Additional services include dynamic stress and strain measurement and evaluation, dynamic deflection tests, modal analyses, air pressure transient measurements, acoustic absorption testing, material damping measurements, and vibration isolator testing.

We are a member firm of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and a Charter Member of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

Created by the staff of Wilson Ihrig

Staff Longevity — Five Years +

We’re very proud of the fact that for many people, when they join our firm, they stay. In a time when
many employees move from place to place, looking for the right fit, a large percentage of our staff find that
Wilson Ihrig is a right place for them to put down roots.